Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Malcolm in the Middle Season 6 chapter 12: Living Will

Jairo Zamora Fidel
CED Section 3020
September 20th, 2005
TV journal Assignment No 2

TV program: Malcolm in the Middle Season 6 chapter 12: Living Will
Sunday at 7:30pm on Fox TV
I watch Malcolm in the middle September 11, 2005(Note I got this TV show in a DVD rum, I dint saw it on Fox TV.)

In this episode of Malcolm in the Middle there are tow stories taking part on the mains story. First, Malcolm’s father has been choose by one of his neighbors to decide of his final situation on the hospital. The neighbor is sustained in life with an artificial machine and Hal the father of Malcolm has to decide to unplugged or not. But in the beginning of this episode we can see that Hal is not a man able to make decisions, he is always hesitating about everything. For example, in the morning his wife Lois is proposing him tow choice of breakfast. The first choice was eggs and the next one was cereals and we can see that Hal is hesitating between eggs or cereals. So as you can imagine Lois is not someone who is going to be waiting until he make up his mind and gave him cereals. I have to mention that Lois is someone very impatient and seen someone hesitating make her mad. So as I said Hal had to decide about someone life. He studies all possibilities about what was going to happen if he did not unplug the man he also did the other possibility but all his work came down when Dewey the younger of his sons came with the possibility that he could unplug the man and he wont die he could recuperate with out the need of the artificial machine. The next ting that happened in this story was that the doctor was unhappy about Hal because he promised to give the answer about his decision to them. That day got some sort of paralysis only from the way up of his body. But finally he came to normal when Lois told him that he can make decisions and the best decision he made had made in his life was to marry her. At the end of the story the man at the hospital woke up and everybody was happy. The second story was about one of Lois friend at work who came to the boys to teach him how to fight dirty because he wanted to beat a man who was bothering him since long time ago. So the boys teach him the rule of dirty fighting. But the best part was that the man who was bothering Lois friend was his own father. As you can imagine Lois friend couldn’t win against his father because his father is a man that exercise comes first and also Lois friend has some extra pounds. And also he is not a big fighter. Ha! Totally forgot the name of Lois friend is Greg. Greg’s father was bothering him because he was the director of a fitness company and he wanted that Greg took out the commands of the famous company. But as you know Greg is not someone very athletic and the idea to become a fitness company owner wasn’t a good idea for him. Also his father always told him that his mother died long time ago. At the en Greg was going to became like his father wills but Malcolm discovered a picture on the purse of Greg’s father. Imagine who was in the picture! The mother of Greg she was alive with some one else. She left Greg’s father for a pie seller. Also I have to mention that Greg wasn’t happy because of this he refuse his father wills and became like he was before his father came to bother him a simple men in a nice town. That’s the end of the story.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Malcolm in the middle by ZED

Jairo Zamora Fidel
CED Section 3020
September 6, 2005
TV journal Assignment No 1

TV program: Malcolm in the middle
Sunday at 7:30pm
I watch Malcolm in the middle September 4, 2005

Hi I would like to talk to you about a very popular TV show. This TV show is Malcolm in the Middle. I know that this show is or was very popular in North America, including Canada, because when you ask somebody about Malcolm they know who you are talking about. Malcolm in the Middle is the story of Malcolm and his family which is not like an ordinary family. This family is composed of the mother: Lois. Lois is the boss of the house who will do everything to punish his children. She is the only fear of the boys and the father because she is very severe with everybody. There is Hal, the father. He is like a child so he is friendly with his boys. The rest of the family is composed of Francis, the older brother in the family, who got kicked out of the family because he is like the typical teenagers who do bad tings in the neighborhood. Reese is the next member of this hilarious family. He is like the dunce of the family who does dumb actions and he is not able to think by himself. That’s why Malcolm is there. He is the genius of the family, like the head of the boys but he is protected by Reese from the other students at school. The last one in the family is Dewey. He is the sweet kid in the family who gets scared easily of everything because he is very young. I love this show because every week the story of the scenario is different. The family always does something funny and out of the ordinary. You can watch Malcolm in the Middle every Sunday at 7:30 PM on FOX television. Well for my TV journal I am going to try to tell you some of the new episode of Malcolm in the Middle TV program